Selecting a Translation Management System: Do’s and Don’ts

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A Translation Management System (TMS) is an important investment for some companies and organizations that are expanding their global presence. Yet, selecting a TMS system that fits your company’s current and future needs is no easy task.

Implementing a new tool is a major decision that will influence many people – project managers, translators, reviewers and accountant, – as well as a company’s bottom line. Therefore, choosing a suitable TMS that will aid, not complicate, translation process is a task of critical importance.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to consider before implementing a TMS:

Do start by asking yourself these simple questions: Do I really need to implement a TMS? Why cannot I outsource all of my translation needs to a translation agency? A suitable TMS could help streamline the translation process, ensure consistency, and save time and money. Yet, if not selected properly, it can create significant problems down the line. Keep your options open and remember that translation needs could sometimes be better served by collaborating with a translation agency.

Don’t invest in a tool without consulting different stakeholders first. Asking your team for their opinion will help understand the needs of your company and choose a tool that answers your specific technological and infrastructure requirements.

Do test a tool on a few real-life projects while listening carefully to the feedback from your team. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What works for one company might not work for the other. Careful testing and evaluation is essential for the success of the whole endeavor.

Don’t use a salesperson as an unbiased source of information, especially during the initial stages of a TMS selection. Keep in mind that salespeople are interested in selling a product; therefore, using their advice early on may lead to undesirable outcomes. Perform independent research by reading such high-quality publications as GALA, Common Sense Advisory or Multilingual Magazine. Then, after you already have more or less clear idea on what you need, consult a salesperson. In addition, it might be useful to seek help of an individual consultant.

Do carefully plan for the future needs of your company. Invest in a tool that can grow as your business grows and select a tool that will be able to adapt seamlessly to any future transformations.

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